All of the management at Southwest have a staff adjusting background.  We understand what it is like to have to deal with re-inspections and problems that could have been solved early if the adjuster had the integrity to do the job right the first time.  The Southwest way is to approach every claim with the same diligence and respect that results in the satisfaction of the policy holder as though they were our own. 




At Southwest we believe that excellence is not an achievement, but rather the result of good habits.   Staff adjusters spend time resolving issues with policyholders, thus building the relationship and strengthening the Company's reputation and brand.  When we go to meet with an insured, we don't just strive to produce an accurate claim report, we go with the same care and thoughtfulness expected of a well experienced staff adjuster.




It is often stated that respect is earned and not bestowed.  At Southwest we believe that the highest form of professionalism requires us to respect everyone, and to reserve judgement. Respect is also the foundation of effective teamwork.  That's why we celebrate family values and only hire professionals who represent our same passion for excellence.  We take pride in our staff and the value they bring to our customers.